Water Wagon Rental

Water Trailer Rental

Water wagons offer a versatile and cost effective solution for hauling water, dust control, pressure washing and more uses.  All of our water wagons are new, and we like to keep it that way.  New equipment is reliable equipment. 

Don't waste time coming to pick on up, we deliver all over the valley and the state.  We can also deliver wagons full of water for you and supply you with water hauling in the event that your location doesn't have water access. When you need to rent a water wagon, Urban Dust Control should be your first choice. 

We offer water wagons in different sizes and can configure them to your specific need.  It's why our water wagons are some of the most popular wagons in the area!

We carry:

500 Gallon Water Wagons

800 Gallon Water Wagons

1,000 Gallon Water Wagons

A water wagon is sometimes also known as a water buffalo, water tender, or water trailer. They are an effective water moving solution for residential or commercial applications. Many job sites require these wagons to be on site. 

In several variations or options for filling: hydrant, pond, hose. These water trailers are powered by a 4hp reliable gas engine. 2" hitch ball and minimum tow vehicle of 1/2 ton is required. Empty weight is under 2,000lbs.  Our water trailer rentals offer a hose with a filter so you can pump out of a pond, pool or canal. The rear of our trailers have 2 spray heads for dust control. You have 2 side ports in the front where you can connect a fire hose, or a side duck bill as a side spray.  For some applications, we can also custom build a set up so you can supply water for your specific application.  Our customer service is unlike any other. We want to help you be successful and we will help you figure out the best solution for your project.  

  • Water Wagon 500 Gallon 

  • Water Wagon 1000 Gallon



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